Here’s how two bank accounts can save your life

Ok, ok, I’m being a little dramatic here, however If I told you that having two bank accounts, with different banks, would ultimately make you rich – would you believe me? If I said, all you need to do is spend 30 mins on something that will change the trajectory of the rest of your financial life – would you do it? It’s ironic how often we have the information in our hands, we understand it and know that implementing it will benefit us, yet we simply don’t do it. Many, many years ago, when I got my first job (a video store with real VHS tapes!) I had just one bank account. It was the same CBA dollarmites account I’d had my entire life and each week I’d receive my $40 pay cheque for the couple of shifts I would do. I honestly never saved a dollar of that … read        more

Are you a binge budgeter?

I’m talking about the binge budgeting habit that so many of us get into when we’re in the debt cycle. A favoured bingeing tactic by many, is to furiously pay down as much of your credit card debt as possible, again sacrificing EVERY. SINGLE. THING. and promptly follow this up with a shopping spree. On said credit card. To reward such good behaviour.

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