The power of simply asking

I recently discovered the world of discounts.

Who knew?! For all these years, I was just paying the ticket price of everything and not really thinking twice about it.

Until, I heard a great business speaker who was talking about negotiating, and the power of simply asking the question.

Is this the best price you can do?

Pop the question

Feeling pepped up, and committing to myself that next time I was buying something, and if it seemed appropriate, I was going to ask the question.

That very weekend, I was shopping for my Mum’s 60th present, my sister and I were buying her a pearl necklace and matching earrings.

There I was at the counter about to hand over my card, when I thought, hang on, could this be one of those times… ‘Is this the best price you can do?’ my sister hightailed it out of the store, I think she was dying of embarrassment, and I was feeling a little awkward.

Free money

Until the shop assistant, without missing a beat tapped on her little calculator, that was sitting right there, mind you, and right away offered me a 20% discount.

It’s the best I can do today, she said. Holy crap, I’ll take it. I just scored myself some FREE MONEY and you know how much I love that, just by asking the question.

I also realised that she practically expected me to ask.

Ask for a discount!

So, if like me you’ve foolishly been paying full price for everything, start asking for discounts every once in a while.

You might surprise yourself, and just think – every little you save on what you were otherwise going to buy, means you’ll be able to reach your savings goals faster.

Things like paying a bill early, or buying something in bulk, are other ways I’ve managed to secure a discount lately too.

So, give it a shot, even my sister’s tried it once or twice since!

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