Pft! Super? I’ll deal with that when I’m old

Choosing your superannuation investments. Something that most of us don’t do!

I know that every year when those super statements roll around, most of us just have a quick look and either file them away or toss them!

But I’m here to encourage you to treat the money within your super fund as your own. Quite simply, because it is.

And there is no point putting off dealing with it until later because if you’ve neglected it until your much older, say in your 50s, the chances are it’ll be too late to make up for lost time.

It’s now or never

So start now! Like I always say. And start with making a choice about the way your money is invested within your fund.

Within super, we can pretty much invest in anything, it’ll just be limited by the options available within the super fund you’ve chosen to go with.
That being said, I’ve never seen a super fund without at least 6 investment options, and most honestly have hundreds, including cash, shares and managed funds.


So take a moment to google your fund, and look through the list of investment options that are available to you. Do some reading and make an informed and active choice about where you want your money to be invested.

If you’re young, the chances are you’ll want a higher-growth option as you have plenty of time to ride the bumps of any market, as you get older you may consider more conservative option.

That being said it’s important to do plenty of research and even seek advice specific to your circumstances if you are not confident, before making any changes.

But do take the time to have a look at what you are invested in and if you think it may not be right for you, then do something about it!

Most super funds will be able to help you with this process, just give them a call or search the website for the appropriate forms.

Most importantly though, do speak with a qualified professional if you are unsure.

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