You know I love FREE MONEY!

Interest free purchases – a great example of FREE MONEY provided you manage it properly.


We see these deals advertised everywhere, mainly for furniture, where sometimes you can get up to 5 years interest free on purchases, but more and more I’m seeing interest free offers on a wide variety of purchases.

There’s lots of things to be careful of, but if managed carefully, you can really benefit from using the lenders money to buy your goods today, and pay them off over time.


Ideally you already have the money available when going to purchase something, and using the interest free deal is a bonus.

What it means is you can leave your money in a high-interest savings account earning money, while you borrow to make your purchases at no interest.

As long as you make your minimum monthly repayment for the term of the offer, and then repay the loan in full using a lump sum, BEFORE the term expires, you’ll end up on top.


Although it’s important to check out any fees that may be applicable, in some cases the fees will be more than the interest you’re earning, so it may not be worthwhile.

As long as you pay this loan off in full before the interest free period expires, you’ve successfully created free money for yourself.

BUT… if you don’t pay the loan off in full, many of these products will actually back date all of the interest right back to the original purchase date, so whatever you do, don’t enter into an arrangement like this unless you are 100% confident that you will be able to repay the debt.


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