Little Ways to Save Money

Little tips and tricks to help you save money…

I’m all about getting value for money whenever we spend it, so I’m big on finding ways to save money, especially on things that I don’t value enormously.

I’ve put together a little list of ways to save money in our everyday lives.

Noodle box or holiday?

So, the first one is bringing leftovers for lunch. I hope that you’ve thought of this already, but just to give you a little more motivation, this easy, easy, easy thing could save you over $3,500 a year.

I mean really, that’s a holiday, I for one would rather go to a holiday to Bali, than getting to eat noodle box every day, which by the way, is probably no good for my health either!

Coffee and dough

Ok, so my next tip is catch-up for coffee, instead of breakfast or lunch. Again, dining out is expensive and it’s really a similar experience to casually catch up for coffee as it is to grab breakfast, so you might as well save yourself the dough.

The great outdoors

Now, I’m a big fan of working out in the great outdoors, so I don’t personally have a gym membership. This saves me probably a hundred odd dollars a month, that I can put toward other things. I’m really into my health and fitness though, so I would totally get it if this wouldn’t be something you’d want to compromise, but if you can enjoy your workouts outside, then why not?

Buy in bulk

Buying stuff in bulk, that you need of course, for lower prices (think Costco) is a great way to save some grocery cash. This also cuts down on the amount of time spent walking up and down the supermarket aisles, something I’m personally glad to do less of!

Shop less

While we’re talking about groceries, if you combine my last tip with ordering your weekly shopping online, or getting a mixed fruit and veg box, the chances are you’ll save a stack load of cash by not going into Coles everyday on your way home from work. Shopping daily instead of weekly, or fortnightly is the best way to quadruple your grocery spend. Seriously.

So those are a couple of tips that I think are pretty easy to incorporate into your daily life. What tips do you have that work for you? Share them in the comments section below – I’d love to hear them.

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