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I often get asked what’s the best way to get started with getting one’s finances on track, and I always say “knowing you current reality is the first step”. So, take a few minutes and download and complete a budget planner and financial position. This will get you started on your own journey toward financial freedom and creating the life of your dreams.

Budget Tool: Use this tool to quickly enter in all of your income and expenses with their corresponding frequency. Remember, you’re looking for a surplus at the bottom, not a deficit! Good luck. Download now.

Financial Position: Add in everything of value that you own, and also any debts or credit cards you have. You’re looking for a positive number overall and now you can use your surplus from the budget to start building your financial position. Download now.

I’ll be sending you wealth and money tips via email over the coming weeks, so stay tuned and in the meantime…Get Rich Slow!
– Sarah Riegelhuth