Sell your crap! ;)

How much stuff is sitting around your house that you’ve been meaning to get rid of?

How many bags of clothes do you have waiting to go to the vinnies bin? I guarantee there is plenty of things that you’re meaning to turf, waiting for the next hard rubbish collection, that other people would pay good money for.


I started doing this myself over the last year or two and couldn’t believe what people bought off me.

I had a whole lot of small pieces of furniture that I no longer needed or wanted, so I took pics on my iPhone and used the eBay app to load the items online.

Literally taking about 5 minutes.

The other great thing about using eBay, or something similar to sell your stuff, is that most of the time the buyer will need to come and pick it up from you, which takes the headache out of having to get rid of the stuff as well.

Double bonus!

A lot of people have success selling their old clothes, provided they’re still in good condition, there’s always a buyer for your well-kept items. Just be sure to include the postage price so you don’t get stung having to pay for delivery of the items.

Save it

And… make sure that any money you generate through selling things online, goes directly into one of your savings accounts.

Ensure it doesn’t just hit your normal spending account and get absorbed into your weekly spending. Make sure you put your money to work for you by depositing it straight into a high-interest savings account.

What else could you sell on line? Or what do you see online? I’d love for you to share your suggestions with each other in the comments section.

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