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A concept that I’m really passionate about…

It’s something I feel that if every person could understand, we’d all be in a far better position financially.

This concept is actually at the core of everything I do with my clients, everything I do in my financial planning firm Wealth Enhancers, my book Get Rich Slow and everything I teach when I’m speaking to large groups of people.

The role of money

It’s all about understanding the role money plays in society and placing the appropriate amount of value on it.

By this I mean that money is simply something that facilitates, we don’t need to love it, we don’t need to hate it.

We simply need to respect it as being the thing that we receive in return for what we put out into the world, our work, and in turn to value how we spend it.

Ask yourself

If every time you spend your money, you stop and ask yourself ¬†“Am I truly happy with what I am receiving in return for the amount of money I am paying?”.

I guarantee you’d be in a better financial position within a week.

Too often we just spend money without thinking, or because we feel we have to, or just because.

What if we saw our money, during every transaction, for exactly what it is. Basically as a reflection of our time.

The time we’ve spent doing whatever it is that we do.

Are we happy that we spent that time in return for what it is we are buying.

Challenge starts now…

I challenge you to ask yourself this for just one week. For just the next 7 days, stop before every transaction and check in with yourself.

Don’t make excuses, listen to the things your head says, but take control and be 100% confident with every purchase you make, or simply don’t make it.

Good luck, let me know how you go in the comments section.

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